The Musical Policeman –

In 1973 Mendelssohn Bartholdy MILLER, and his wife Marion purchased Lot 52 in Nalya Avenue.  With such an interesting name it begged further investigation.  The unusual name came about as a result of his father described by Miller as being a Professor of Music at the age of 20.  His sibling received the Christian names of “Amadeus Beethoven Carl”.

MILLER in 1937
MILLER in 1937

It would seem that MILLER was a policeman in the 30’s and as a result of the name became known as the “musical policeman”.  However, MILLER (according to news reports) became the victim to what was described as “police terrorism”.  The Truth newspaper in particular took up the banner with numerous articles about MILLER who allegedly refused to give false evidence in respect of an SP bookie charge.  He then became ostracised and allegedly secretly investigated.  The Truth outlines a series of activity by the then NSW Police which they labelled as harassment.  MILLER went on the give evidence at a Royal Commission into illegal off-course betting and police officers in the mid 1930’s.  (Surprisingly this has been the subject of royal commissions in the 60’s and 90’s).

Marion MILLER in 1937 and Marion MILLER and daughter in Dec. 1936.
Marion MILLER in 1937 Marion MILLER and daughter IN Dec 1936

As a result of the media, the Police investigation and his evidence to the Royal Commission, MILLER and his wife suffered from the unwanted attention although he remained with the NSW Police. MILLER was initially terminated but reinstated after taking tribunal action.  In 1963 he is recorded as a Police Constable living with his wife at Mortdale.  By 1968 (aged 65) he was recorded as a financier and sought to live a more peaceful life on the Central Coast. They had several addresses in the area as well as a short stint in Mudgee.  He only held the property in Patonga for 12 months, so perhaps they were testing the waters to find the best retirement location. MILLER passed away in 2002 around 99 years old. Incidentally he sold the Nalya Avenue property to another policeman.

If you want to know more you can access Trove and see some of the articles in the Truth

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