Example of Change – this church in Jacaranda Avenue is now a residential home (Halton Family photos)

For Patonga the early challenge was getting materials on site.  Initially material had to come by water as there was no functional road. Then lifestyle dominated the buildings as the homes doubled as weekenders and holiday lets until, for some, retirement meant you may become a permanent resident.

Most times there had to be room for visitors and quite often that might be an enclosed verandah or a sleep-out.

The Patonga Project hopes to collect photographs of those buildings through their various transitions and reincarnations.  Some you will like and others you will deplore but one thing is for sure they will reflect the changes over time.

Photos exist of old homes and some examples are:

Photo by Beryl Strom – Best guess is 100 and 102 Patonga Street
1 and 5 Bay Street (June Coates)
Wilkes’ – 8 Patonga Street (Nerida Browne)
Patonga Progress Hall and Bowling Green (Nerida Browne)

In the next post we will give examples of recent houses that are no longer with us.

If you have a photo of a house that you would like to share please do so or contact Patonga Project so we can add it to the repository.

Patonga Project Team

24 Nov 2018









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