Back to Patonga – 27 APRIL 2019

The Australian Heritage Festival will run between 18 April through to 19 May this year with a theme of Connecting People, Places and the Past. The Patonga Project is hosting a “Back to Patonga” day as part of the festivities.

We are planning to include a display of photographs; the opportunity to scan your photos on the spot or tell a family story; catch up with old friends and families; Guest speakers as well as (hopefully) representatives from the Gosford Historical Society to help with queries relating to ancestry, research and tips etc.

The event is FREE but we will accept donations – Please Book through Eventbrite so we can manage the numbers.

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Janice Johnston. My grandmother, Mabel Brindley (née Anderson) owned holiday houses at Patonga from around the 1920s I think. Her brother William Archibald Anderson ( Archie) also owned houses there and their house is still in the family (Clive Shultz and his sister Rhonda Eggert). My mother (Sylvia Sheahan née Brindley) spent a lot of time at Patonga growing up with her beloved cousin Dawn Shultz (née Anderson) and she took lots of photos which I have. The photos include houses Ma-lo-lo, where I recall staying as a child when it was still in the family, and Port Vale. There are other house photos I can’t identify but they could probably be identified by Clive or Rhonda.
    I would love to come to the event on April 27 but I have another commitment . I can scan and send photos & make some notes on some of them. Can you supply an email address to send them to please?
    Jan Johnston

    1. Janice, Jennifer has sent you an email to the address supplied by you. If it’s not received let us know. She has probably even told you a lovely story related by Dawn about Sylvia.

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