We Need Your Help to Capture the History of Houses in Patonga

Patonga’s Houses

The Patonga Project is about to commence its first undertaking and we need your help! We are trying to get a handle on the homes of Patonga’s inhabitants. We would like to get an idea of the types of houses that were originally built in Patonga as well as a current survey of the dwellings today.
The ultimate goal would be to have an exhibition in the hall to display the photos and memories of the past as well as current dreams and aspirations. You may not have owned the home, but rather rented it for holidays or just have great memories of the house. We hope to use a search of land titles to show different home sites and match the time period with photographs and/or memories. In the end, or course, the outcome will depend on what information is received.
The following list of questions is meant as a guide and some may not be applicable to you and your home.
What is the address?
Does/did the house have a name?
What is your first memory of this house? Year?
What is your favourite memory of the house?
Is the house still standing? When was it demolished? Do you have photos of the previous structure?
How is this house important to you?

Wharf Road
Wharf Road aka Jacaranda Ave

Description of the House
Please provide a photograph of the front of the house. For homes in Bay Street and Patonga Street, on the waterfront, photographs of both the front and back should be included if possible.

History and remarks (if known)
Eg: When was it built? Renovated?

Date of Photograph (if known) and the Photographer (if known)

Marinook 2009
Marinook 2009

Architectural style. Building materials
Verandah Roof, floor, supports, decoration.
Front Door:
Exterior Doors:
Other Features:

Please send through your document and/or photographs to PatongaProject@hotmail.com If you do not have access to a computer, please let us know so that we can come and write your thoughts and scan your photos over a cuppa.

Thank you

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